4glabelThe production of roofing granules has presented a severe challenge to crusher manufacturers for decades. The old traditions of using cone crushers and roll crushers has become increasingly expensive in recent years because of their low productivity. Production demand for roofing granules rises each year as housing demand grows globally.

To meet this increased production requirement while lowering crushing costs, REMco has developed a special extra heavy duty (XHD) design of VSI crusher designated as VS/4G. As quarried stone for the production of granules is always very hard, vertical shaft machines must operate at very high velocity and often for a 24/7 cycle. This requires a super strong crusher which only REMco builds to meet this duty.


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Experience has shown that depending on the desired granule grading, anywhere from 8 to 12 horsepower per net finished ton of granules are required. The VS/4G is designed to replace roll and cone crushers in existing plants with a minimum of retrofit time and cost. Another feature of the VS/4G is its ability to improve the granule yield by minimizing the production of undesirable fines. The granule shape produced by a REMco VS/4G is more desirable than that produced by compression machines.


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