star_logoVertical Shaft Impact crushers that use an anvil type crushing chamber are well proven for the quick and efficient reduction of limestone and other less abrasive stones and minerals. The REMco ST/AR crushers are a variation of the REMco SandMax and RockMax series.


These machines share many of the same heavy-duty designs and components, as well as the very successful newer bearing cartridge and main shaft designs. REMco ST/ARs use an innovative reversible anvil design which allows for maximum utilization of the anvil type wear iron. There are a number of anvil shapes suitable for a broad range of applications. This feature provides for a maximum crushing efficiency when the anvils are new, concentrating the wear on half of the anvil face. This then raises the percent of wear iron which is utilized.

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The anvils can be easily turned, providing a complete new crushing face on the same anvil. This maintains maximum crushing efficiency for the duration of the life of the anvil. This also reduces scrap loss. REMco ST/ARs are fully convertible VSI crushers which can be easily converted from anvils to rock-on-rock chambers if a change in the feed material dictates that such a change is appropriate. The ST/AR designation means these machines are fitted with a Swing Top / Anvil Ring design.

VSI Crusher -- General Application Guidelines

REMco ST/AR VSI crushers are rock-on-anvil vertical shaft crushing machines designed to operate as second, third or fourth stage crushers for processing soft to medium/hard rocks, ores or minerals which contain less than 15% abrasives (silica, alumina and iron). Maximum feed size is 6” (150 mm) and product sizes can be from 1 1/2” (40 mm) to minus 6 mm.



This type combines a material-lined closed rotor with an anvil-type chamber. It is a medium cost configuration suitable for small to medium size feeds (1/4" to 4"; 6 - 100 mm) and achieves a greater amount of crushing in a single pass. The use of either open type or closed type impeller is dictated by the feed size and desired reduction.


REMco closed rotors are available in 3, 4, and 5 port styles. When used in a ST/AR machine, these rotors are "hardened" to improve the wear performance when material ricochets back from the anvil face. These closed rotor arrangements provide the highest crushing speed with anvil chambers.


Hard parts Type
This basic type of crushing arrangement has potentially the highest wear cost, but it is suitable for the coarsest feeds in non-abrasive materials and provides maximum reduction in single pass operation.


Open tables are available in 4 and 5 shoe designs and are best used when feed particles are large and irregular in shape. The operating speeds of open shoe tables are generally limited to a maximum velocity of 220 - 240 feeds per second. This design can result in high wear rates for the shoes and distributor plate of the table.




The application of shoe tables must be correct for feed size and operating speed. The rotating mass of the shoe table contains great energy and if it is rotated too fast, breakage of the crushing members can occur. With large feeds of 6" or more, it is important to size the shoe height correctly to the feed.


See the image below. REMco offers various designs of the basic shoe table to ensure the best performance.


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