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Rock Engineered Machinery Company Inc., (REMco) was founded as a California corporation in 1983 by three rock processing professionals who saw a need in the market for knowledgeable and experienced vertical shaft impact (VSI) crusher manufacturers. They banded together, and REMco was created. Headquartered in Stockton, CA REMco continues the proud tradition of American manufacturing.

Since 2000, the REMco VSI crusher product line and fine crushing technology have been available globally with the onset of the manufacture of REMco VSI crushers in South America, Asia, and India in addition to the U.S. production at REMco’s California headquarters. The product design, development, and manufacturing are done in Stockton, CA for Global distribution of REMco crushers.

As the leader in VSI performance and technology, REMco has expanded the application range of the basic VSI crusher. We’ve held more than 45 patents worldwide for our unique and innovative features that have strengthened VSIs performance and durably.

Over the years as our patents expire, we’ve seen our competitors quickly adopt our technology (their adoption is a true compliment to our innovation). Our advances have lowered crushing costs, raised production rates, and resulted in superior performance and reliability. REMco, as a leader in VSI performance technology, has expanded the application range of the basic VSI machine.

REMco crushers are highly versatile and span multiple industries, including construction materials, mining, industrial minerals, and recycling. This versatility is because our machines reliably and continuously produce cubical, well-graded, sound, mid-range aggregates, specification and specialty sands, and other fine sizes.

We understand that the whole point of our machines is to generate revenue for its owner, our customer. This idea is the core of what we do. Our crushers use top quality materials and the latest design techniques. We provide the best possible technical support to achieve customer satisfaction while attaining the lowest crushing cost per ton. REMco is unique in guaranteeing the performance of our machines in writing. We can do this because our crushers are tried, tested, and proven at the Stockton facility, which houses a complete materials test crushing facility.

Quality is Our Mission

Here are a dozen reasons why you should buy a REMco VSI.

  • REMco builds the strongest, heaviest VSI. REMco crushers are not "throwaway" type machines. They are not copies of other manufacturers crushers and contain no made in China content.
  • Our VSIs are real crushers. They are not shaping devices. They crush and at the same time, produce the best-shaped product, California built, made in the USA.
  • REMco VSIs offer the buyer a full complement of accessories to simplify its installation, support the crusher’s operation and manage its performance.
  • We offer the broadest range of models, drive power, and configurations to match the VSI exactly to its crushing job, 13 models in over 40 configurations and are convertible from rock-on-rock to anvil chamber style in the field.
  • Our VSIs are the most power efficient of all VSIs due to the unique geometry and variety of open and closed impellers to meet desired feed and product sizes.
  • REMco VSIs do not use any rotor by-pass systems such as Cascade or Bi-Flow to artificially increase crushing capacity. All rock fed to a REMco VSI is crushed.
  • Our VSIs achieve the greatest crushing velocity to reduce material recycle and increase net finished product with the best particles shape results.
  • We offer full test crushing services of the user’s material to determine the correct VSI crusher for the job.
  • We offer multiple designs of portable plants for its VSI crushers.
  • REMco VSI crushers are superior machines in compliance with regulations for noise, dust emissions, and safety.
  • Our VSI crushers are guaranteed in writing for production performance and lowest operating wear cost per net ton of finished product.
  • REMco VSI crushers are durable, heavy construction machines designed to provide longer operating life than all other VSI crushers.

Full Crushing Test Services

Among the many services offered by REMco in its in-house test crushing lab, we extend existing and prospective customers an opportunity to see how a given configuration of REMco VSI will perform with their stone.

Once the test crushing is complete, REMco will custom configure a crusher to suit the specific needs of the material and provide its owner with the best all-around crushing performance for finished product tonnage, power usage and wear parts cost.

REMco uses a TestMax VSI and VFD drive for these tests. This crusher can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations for test purposes.

REMco backs its products and will provide a written guarantee for wear cost and performance when the material has been tested at REMco, a unique feature in the world of crushers.

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100% American-Owned REMco Is your ONE-STOP FINE Crushing Solution Since 1983

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