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Vertical Shaft Impactors have the unique feature of adjustable operating speed. These machines perform by applying velocity to the incoming mineral. Typically, crushing velocities below 250 fps (75 mps) are crushing speeds that can be applied to feed sizes from 4" (100 mm) to approximately 1/2" (13 mm). When the feed size is smaller than this, it has a low mass value. In order to reduce it, greater than normal velocity must be applied. When the speed exceeds 250 fps (75 mps) the result is high inter-particle compression and forceful attrition which achieves a milling effect. REMco Vertical Shaft Grinder - VSG units operate well above crushing speeds and mill with velocities up to 360 fps (110 mps).

Hence all REMco units that operate at the highest velocities are referred to as grinders or VSG. When this speed is combined with REMco’s unique chamber, rotor geometry, and special lubrication, their VSGs make products that were once only possible with a rod mill or ball mill. Their VSGs can make products as fine as 100% minus 65 mesh and since final product size is heavily influenced by mineral characteristics, REMco takes the time to understand your unique product needs by performing a crushing or grinding test. This helps establish how fine a product can be made with your given rock, or mineral, and how your VSG should be configured.

100% American-Owned REMco Is your ONE-STOP FINE Crushing Solution Since 1983

Balance your plant production by turning stockpiled material into high-quality sand with the right FM, grading and finish to satisfy your customers' needs. 

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