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AU gUSt 2009 i SSUe Tips , T echniques , p roducTs and informaTion To h elp You
eT The m osT from Your rem co c rusher
by Dana Stephens
– REMco, Eastern Regional Manager
in today’s tough economic environment
everyone has revised their budgets to adjust
for the decrease in aggregate demand. this
often means delaying planned upgrades of
processing equipment and making costly
repairs to existing outdated systems. With
the depletion of natural sand in many
areas of the country, manufactured sand
is the accepted alternative and the vertical
shaft impact (VSi) crusher is the accepted
superior tool to produce quality sand at
the lowest possible cost. Rock engineered
Machinery Company inc. (ReMco ) has raised
the bar again by adding a ReMco top Hat
Conv ersion for Barmac Crushers to their
extensive product line, which provides
producers with a cost-effective alternative to
buying a new machine.
Nantahala Talc & Limestone, located in
the beautiful mountains of Western North
Carolina, has the distinction of being the
oldest, continuously operated quarry in
the state at 119 years and counting. its
continued success, apart from good
management, is attributed to the quality
of its stone which was formed by high
temperatures and pressure on a sedimentary
carbonate deposit. Jack R. Herbert was
President of Nantahala talc and Limestone
Company for 36 years prior to selling to Bill
McNeely of the McNeely Companies in 2006.
Jack is still with the company in a consulting
role. the McNeely Companies is comprised
of a variety of entities mostly related to the
aggregate industry. their base of operations
is in topton, North Carolina. Bill’s sons, Mack
and Daniel, are active in all aspects of company
Bill, Mack and Daniel visited ReMco ’s booth
at the Con expo/Con Agg Show in Las
Vegas, Nevada in March 2008. As with most
modern day operations, the sand produced
by their secondary and tertiary compression
crushers was woefully inadequate – lacking
sufficient 16s, 30s and 50s for low FM and
good finishability. the McNeely’s and ReMco ’s
Product experts discussed how a ReMco VSi
crusher could increase their quantity and
quality of manufactured sand in order to meet
the demands of their concrete and asphalt
customers. to be sure ReMco had a complete
understanding of Nantahala’s situation, a site
visit by ReMco personnel would be required.
ReMco ’s eastern Regional Manager, Dana
Stephens, traveled to the Nantahala quarry
after the show to evaluate their processing
operation from start to finish. As one might
imagine, a quarry dating back 119 years has
some history and a bit of ground to cover
before Dana had a complete grasp of the
plant’s history, as well as the future goals of
the new management. Mack McNeely had
a lot of data compiled regarding the stone,
its chemical composition and even gradings
from an old Barmac VSi crusher that was no
longer in use. Using AggFlow, Mack was
able to convey his ideas to Dana for potential
circuit flow and product breakdown. With this
information, Dana was able to forego some of
the normal test work that is used to determine
how the rock breaks, the machine size needed
and horsepower requirement. Over the
course of several weeks the ideas were honed
and finalized for a ReMco M odel 400-St/AR VSi
crusher complete with anvil crushing chamber
and autogenous rotor. Just two words stood
in the way of installation of a ReMco crusher in
Nantahala’s new circuit….. THE ECONOMY.
With the economic slowdown in 2008,
Nantahala needed to revise its expansion
schedule and reduce costs. McNeely
Companies needed an alternative, economical solution for their size reduction requirements.
Maybe, a used VSI crusher that could get them
through a few years before purchasing the
right machine…? When presented with this
scenario, Dana remembered the old Barmac
crusher that was sitting idle at the Nantahala
plant site. With ReMco
’s help, this old machine
could be resurrected to run another day for
less than a used machine of questionable
history and reliability. t he Barmac VSi
was in rough shape, needing repairs to the
drive tunnel, drive and crusher base. its
top hat section was completely useless, as
ReMco ’s recommendations included a semi-
autogenous VSi crusher, which uses anvils; the
Barmac was designed as an autogenous (rock-
on-rock) machine, which has limited service
access through a side service door. in contrast,
the ReMco top Hat assembly is complete
with hydraulic-opening lid for easy and safe
access to the anvils or autogenous crushing
chamber and rotor for routine maintenance.
the original crusher base including the motor,
v-belt drive, bearing cartridge and ReMco r otor
is retained with the original mounting system
and installation envelope.
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Rock EnginEEREd MachinERy co. inc. · 263 S. V aSco Road · LiVERM oRE , ca 94551 USa · t EL (925) 447-0805 · F ax (925) 447-7038 · e MaiL : RREM co @aoL .coM · W EbSiTE : WWW .REM coVS i .coM –!–At ReMco’s direction, Nantahala performed
the required repairs to the crusher base on
their own while ReMco manufactured their
new top Hat Assembly.
For Nantahala, deciding to upgrade their
existing crusher with a ReMco top Hat
Assembly and a few other accessories was
easy. Not only was upgrading the crusher
about ½ the price of a new machine, the
crusher becomes more versatile with the
ability to switch from rock-on-steel to rock-
on-rock should it be necessary for a more
aggressive application. Other note-worthy
accessories are:
• 30” 4-port Rotor – a multi-port
design that is more efficient and
user-friendly than the 3-port rotor
originally used in the Barmac VSi
• ReMco automatic lubrication
system – which takes the guess
work out of getting the correct
amount of grease to the three
major lubrication points on the
bearing cartridge installation of the resurr
ected VSi crusher
complete with ReMco top Hat, rotor and
automatic greasing system occurred in late
2008. in conjunction with the updat ed VSi
crusher, major plant modifications were
also done, which provided more production
flexibility and capability. On average, daily
sand production increased by 250% over the
old system easily keeping pace with their
customer demand.
in addition to keeping up with demand,
there are “no complaints” on the quality of the sand produced. its fineness modulus has
been a consistent 2.8 since commissioning of
the ReMco
top Hat conversion. the first set of
anvils is still in service and the service life of
rotor parts has substantially increased since
installation of a metal detector on the feed
belt to the VSi. By any measure, this has been
a win, win, win scenario. ReMco wins because
they helped a customer with some of their
advanced VSi technology. Nantahala wins
because they were able to reduce costs and
produce a quality product in a cost-effective
manner and local customers win because they
can get a consistent, quality sand product at a
reasonable price.
if you would like information on the ReMco
top Hat Conversion or other ReMco products,
contact ReMco a t:
Tel (925) 447-0805
for Barmac Crushersfor Barmac Crushersfor Barmac Crushersfor Barmac Crushersfor Barmac Crushers
For those users who operate 9600 or 9100 Barmac
Duopactors and older Rotopactor machines, ReMco
off ers a field retrofit package to convert the Barmac to
top service, ReMco -style chamber that is convertible
for rock-on-rock or rock-on-steel duty. these types
of conversions are desirable for their increased
crusher performance and flexibility, as well as ease
of maintenance. in addition, the OeM componen ts
typically have long lead times and high costs. the
crusher’s installa tion envelope will remain the same
and in many cases can be shorter than the Barmac
Which conversion package is right for you, is dependent
on your specific application as the machine will now be
fully convertible to RockMax, SandMax or
St/AR configurations. installation of the ReMco top
Hat Assembly is easily done in the field, typically in
one day. Simply remove and discard the Barmac top
hat assembly and rotor and replace it with ReMco
c omponents. this provides the Barmac user with much
improved machine performance. the maximum 57 mm
f eed size limit is increased up to 75 mm depending on
the stone and the final product. ReMco components
provide superior capacity without overloading screens
while maintaining the best cubical shaped product, and
are competitively priced. if you are interested in more
information on ReMco ’s top Hat Conversion for Barmac
Crushers, contact your ReMco r epresentative.
coPyRighT 2009 REM co
ReMco Feed Hopper
w/ Hydraulic top Access
ReMco C rushing Chamber
Barmac Base
ReMco Rotor
Rock-type insert
Anvil Ring
OR –!–Rock EnginEEREd MachinERy co. inc. · 263 S. V aSco Road · LiVERM oRE , ca 94551 USA · T EL (925) 447-0805 · F ax (925) 447-7038 · E MaiL : RREMco @aoL .coM · W EbSiTE : WWW .REM coVS i .coM ·
This month’s question is from Charles C., Plant Operations – Stockton, UT
HOw d O I k NO w If THe dr Ive b eLT S are TIg HT eNOUgH?
Some operators run their drive belts so tight that they can play a tune on them. While others like to hear the squeal of the belts “just so they know
it’s running.” Neither thought process is correct. As a matter of fact, each drive arrangement has an optimum belt tension for best all around performance. this month we will dispel the myths and provide a proper explanation of belt and sheave maintenance.
“RuN THEM TOO TigHT aNd b EaRiN gs iN THE MOTO R OR CR us HER Will bE da Mag Ed. Ru N THEM TOO lOOsE aNd THE bElT s
CaN slip a Nd i N s Ev ERE CasE s, bE d Es TROY Ed .”
All ReMco Crushers use narrow section V-belt drives over conventional V-belts. Per the t .B. Woods product catalog, the narrow geometry of 5V and
8V belts result in cross sections that are up to 50% smaller than conventional cross sections. these compact sections allow for smaller diameter
sheaves that are lighter in weight and have higher operating speeds for reduced bearing loads and shaft stresses. Special care must be taken to inspect the belt tension and sheaves for maximum life and performance.
ReMco provides some general guidelines for belt tension in our operations manual,
however, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Frankly, the best way to determine the
proper belt tension is to download a free program from and let the
program do the work for you. it will be necessary for you to know the following data
points to have the program run your drive. these are (See exhibit A): • Belt section (5V or 8V )
• Service Factor – ReMco calculates its drives with a 1.15 service factor (15%
greater horsepower capability)
• DriveR Horsepower (motor hp size)
• DriveR RPM – loaded motor speed per the motor name plate
• Center Distance – distance in inches from the center of the crusher shaft to
the center of the motor shaft (best determined by measuring your specific
• DriveR Sheave (in inches) – motor pulley diameter
• DriveN Sheave (in inches) – crusher pulley diameter
• Number of belts on your crusher (best determined by counting the grooves
on your sheaves)
With this information the program will calculate the actual service factor, the belt deflection and the amount of pressure required to achieve this
measure of deflection. From here, all you have to do is tighten the belts to at least the mid point of the target tension range. to get the proper belt tension every time, use a spring loaded belt tension device, as seen in exhibit B, for best results. the belt tension device is available from most belt and power transmission suppliers for little or no cost, and it removes the guesswork out of the belt tensioning equation. Proper use of this device is best determined by following the step-by-step instructions that are typically included.
However, we understand that some rock plant guys require instant gratification.
in which case, we have provided the following steps to assist you:
1. Set body “O-ring” the correct deflection measurement, in the case of our example 1 ¼”. 2. Push the stem “O-ring” to zero. Only push on one belt at the midpoint between the two sheaves until the body “O-ring” is aligned with the belt above it. Check the “O-ring” on the
stem to determine the pressure it took to reach the deflection measurement.
eXaMPLe: Per our example, exhibit A, if the pressure is about 25 pounds but less than 30 pounds,
your belts are good to go, lock the bolts back down and close the guard. Be sure to set your belt
tension at or above the midrange to allow for some belt stretch and wear between belt tension
During the break-in period (the first 16 hours of operation), be sure to check the V-belts frequently to ensure the V-belts are properly tensioned.
Allowing the V-belts to squeal and slip can cause premature failure of the belts. After the break-in period, checking the V-belt tension once per week should be sufficient in most applications.
what if the belts are tight but they still squeal?
First thing to check is that the sheaves are not worn open which would allow
the belts to bottom out on the sheave (pulley). Narrow section belts transmit
the horsepower to the sheave on the sides of the belt. if the sheave grooves
are worn wide and the belts bottom out, the sides of the belts will not contact
the sides of the grooves, and it will squeal no matter how tight they may be
(see exhibit C).
That covers it for this month’s tech question. keep them coming…. who knows, your question may appear next month…
exhibit C
exhibit B
exhibit A
Rock EnginEEREd MachinERy co. inc.
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AAAAAA prilprilpril 2 010 2 010 2 010
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the W oRLd oF concRETE is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to
the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries showcasing leading
industry suppliers featuring innovative products, technologies, tools and equipment
and unlimited networking opportunities to give you new ways to sustain and grow
your business in today’s changing economy.
Come and see the ReMco R ock guys, as we display ReMco size reduction technology
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S erviCe & m AintenAnCe S ChooL
NOW BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! A buzz has started up about ReMco’s
Service & Maintenance School… So we’re bringing it back for all those who were unable to attend this year.
this Service & Maintenance School is specifically designed for the folks that work on and
with ReMco VSi crushers. We will discuss in depth how the crusher works, how to make
it perform at optimum levels, how to reduce maintenance time, reduce costs through
proper parts selection and more. We’ll get down into the nuts, bolts, grease and oil of
the machine, from the feed distributor in the hopper to the discharge hopper at the
base, everything in between and much more.
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