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upper reservoir rebuild project
Aftef 3.5 billion cubic eyafds of rcc woffies about aggfegate
shape afe just a bebofy.
“t hese Machines did an
exceptional job with feegafds to F&e .”
– Mafk d . of ozafk c onstfuctofs
Aggfegate pafticle shape was a key cobponent of the
rcc at the taub s auk pfoject. the challenge fof o zafk
c onstfuctofs was how to get 3:1 F&e at less than 20%.
o zafk tufned to tps to design the plant and tps tufned
to reMco to solve the shape pfobleb. the chaft below
shows the dfabatic fesults o zafk was able to achieve
with reMco rockMax vsi cfushefs.
For More Information:
263 S. fasco Roab · Livermore, CA 94551
Tel (925) 447-0805 · Fax (925) 447-7038
Email: rremco@aol.com
www.remcovsi.com –!–saleable, p fofitable,
spec sand…
$cHA- cHiNG$ the sound of
Money in the bank baby…
t ypical
c one
p foduct REmco
Get youf rocks in s hape!
in Mexico, this pfoducef needed quality shaped aggfegate fof
a fedefal highway pfoject. t
his o fegon pfoducef needed bofe c oncfete sand to keep up with
deband ffob theif own concfete batch plant.
Application Details:
Rock Type: Granite
Feeb Size: minus 3”
Probuct Size: minus 1/2” Shapeb . Asphalt MaterialProbuction Rate: 180 TPH
Crusher Details:
Mobel: RockMax 7500 ST Connecteb HP: 300 HP
Rotor/ Impeller: 30” 4-Port
Chamber Type: Autogenous Application Details:
Rock Type: Pea Gravel Feeb Size: 3/8 x #8
Probuct Size: – #8 Concrete Sanb Probuction Rate: 54TPH
Crusher Details:
Mobel: SanbMax 200-ST Connecteb HP: 200 HP
Rotor/ Impeller: 23” 4-Port
Chamber Type: Autogenous
How to probuce cubical asphalt rock to meet flat anb elongateb
specifications, trials with a cone crusher faileb to meet specs. Problem:
How to probuce enough Concrete
sanb to keep up with the. bemanbs of their own concrete batch plant. Also finb a way to beal with the
growing excess inventory or low value pea gravel.
Purchase and install a RockMax to crush and shafe the aggregate to meet 1b% flat and elongated sfecifications. Solution:
Purchase a REMco SandMax to
crush excess fea gavel into sfec
concrete sand to keef uf with the demand of the batch flant and balance flant froduction.

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